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  • BJJ classes will either be ‘Gi’ or ‘No-gi’. For Gi classes, a heavy duty Gi as well as a ranked belt will be needed. Spare belts and Gis can be found at reception. A rash guard under the Gi jacket is optional. No-gi attire can include a rash guard or t-shirt, fight shorts (ideally without pockets) and long spats if necessary. Mouth guards are recommended (personal preference).

Class rules

  • Ensure you arrive at training at least 10 minutes before start time

  • Book class online prior to arrival

  • Sign in on the computer/tablet on arrival

  • Change clothes in the change room

  • Juniors and kids are to arrive in their training attire for class

  • Keep bags and personal items away from the mat space

Conduct during classes

  • Show respect to everyone, including instructors, students, parents, reception, and teammates

Shake hands or fist bump before and after partnering for activities is required as a sign of respect and sportsmanship.

  • Avoid grabbing or poking the face at all times

  • Slams, striking and any untoward behaviour is prohibited

  • If you pick anyone up you are responsible for placing them down safely

  • To avoid any unnecessary injury or discomfort, tap immediately

  • Help out teammates

  • Inform the instructor if you need to leave the class before the scheduled time

  • Follow the instructions of the instructor

  • Generally, if you are mid roll and you bump into a higher rank, stop and reposition away from them

  • Always conduct yourself in a formal and respectful manner, including shaking hands of teammates before and after each class

  • Do not attended class under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Discrimination or Bullying of any form is not tolerated.

Personal hygiene and safety

  • A first aid kit will be kept at reception

  • All members are to wear clean and dry uniform each class

  • Wear footwear on your way to training to ensure clean feet. Shoes are to be left outside the mat space

  • Footwear must be worn to and from the bathroom

  • No jewellery to be worn during training

  • Fingernails and toenails need to be trimmed short

  • When training, be mindful of space, including avoiding the walls and teammates

  • If you notice blood, stop immediately and notify an instructor so it can be cleaned up immediately

  • Bringing a towel to each class is encouraged

  • Protective gear, including mouthguard, headgear and knee pads are optional

  • Persons must not train if they are suffering from flu like symptoms or other communicable infections that may be passed on (viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal).


  • For any membership queries talk to reception

  • Ensure your account has sufficient funds for regular membership transactions

  • Be aware of current timetabling to plan for attendance

  • In order to participate and book session all members / free trials are required to complete an online waiver agree to TC's and other agreements

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